Who We Serve

We offer software as a service:

  • For all 3 and 4 Pls in the Logistics, Cross Border industry
  • From warehouse operations to Air Carriers, Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders
  • To sales platforms as well as online retailers.

We strive to fit where needed.

Who We Serve
As a certified US Customs service provider, our solutions work for Air Carriers, Container Freight Stations, Customs Brokers as well as Consolidators and Freight Forwarders.
Our Air Cargo Advanced Security software is a web-based application designed to easily manage your ACAS compliance.
Multi-Carrier Labeling System
Custom designed to meet your needs. Contact us for more information.
Warehouse Management Module
Easily manage your eCommerce imports from inventory import to customs exam, and everything in between. Our solutions are designed to work with your existing systems or as a stand alone solution.

At AIMS, We Service

AIMS services cover a broad spectrum of users in the Import and Logistics Industry.

Customized solutions in the Air AMS and ACAS environment are just the basics. In addition to these mandatory data submissions to US Customs and TSA, our software includes access to a multi-carrier labeling platform, which provides overseas and domestic users options surrounding end-mi le delivery services.

We host multiple additions to our software, including our exclusive “Repository” module, which provides users with a single window for managing emails and attachments as they relate to your shipments, and our Warehouse Management module designed for operators of high-volume eCommerce operations.