Intuitive and seamless.

I use AIMS AMS website on a daily basis in under to check customs release status for all the shipments arriving at our facility, and my experience has been wonderful throughout, not only is easy to use but it even includes video tutorials for better understanding

The professional knowledge and robust technology skills are essential strength of AIMS who support our cross-border business developed successfully in United States for over 5 years. They always provide us the best-in-class solutions, including EDI data transmission with U.S. CBP for eCommerce parcels via air freight, quick implementation in accordance with ACAS regulation effective in 2019……etc. They are one of the most reliable partners who are able to solve exceptional cases efficiently and deliver stable service in different U.S. gateways.

The shipment arrived at 9:30 yesterday. I appreciate your help processing entries and resolving the issue with the airlines. If we reencounter the same problem, I will call you. Thanks to your team as well. You helped me a lot when I made the initial phone call. You answered all my questions and helped me understand the process. Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!”

Thank you for taking care of the urgency and diligence required to ensure the shipment is picked up. Thanks, Bill, for the excellent communication!”

Just wanted to tell you that working with AIMS has been a pleasure. The site is super Helpful and very user-friendly. You guys created a great program. Thanks much!!
Regards, Peter